Updated Website!

Most people today access the Internet using phones and tablets.  Gone are the days when most people use desktop computers with wide monitors.  Today, websites have to be “responsive”.  Responsive in this context means that what you are viewing needs to respond to the device that you are using.  Our old website does not do that.  It is a horizontally designed site made for traditional monitors.  If you looked at our old site on a phone, you needed to scroll right and left as well as up and down.  Not very friendly.  Responsive websites will display differently depending on the device being used automatically!

The other implication of the move to smaller devices is that websites need to convey information in a smarter way.  On desktop computers, websites could present paragraphs of information.  On a phone, this does not work.  Instead of reading a lot of information, users now “drill down” on icons, pictures, and links to get to the information that they need.

The new design will continue to evolve just as the old version did.